Pharmaceutical Analysis

PharmAl, University of Leuven

The main research interests of Pharmaceutical Analysis (PharmAl) are the evaluation and optimization of separation supports and detection techniques for pharmaceutical applications.

Within PharmAl, Deirdre Cabooter is working on the implementation of (capillary) 2D-LC approaches combined with MS for the identification of compounds in natural products, capillary and chip-based LC for bio-analysis, the fundamental investigation of novel chromatographic supports for pharmaceutical separations and the development of generic, automatable method development strategies for complex samples.

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Contact Information


Prof. Dr. ir. Deirdre Cabooter

PI at PharmAl

University of Leuven


Deirdre Cabooter was appointed as a full-time research professor at KUL when she was only 30. She was elected in the Top 40 Under 40 and the Top 50 of Most Influential Women in her research area by the readers of the Analytical Scientist. Recently she was awarded the Emerging Leader in Chromatography Award by LC-GC Magazine. She is an editor of Journal of Chromatography A and the permanent chairperson of the poster jury at the HTC conference.

Alexander Kensert

PhD Student

Gilles Collaerts

PhD Student

Kyriakos Efthymiadis

Post-doctoral researcher